Rollerdeck Associates announces new cooperation with SEPAN

Rollerdeck Associates proudly announces its new cooperation with SEPAN, the Federation of Recycling and Energy Recovery Industries and Enterprises. Rollerdeck Associates has been assigned the strategic communications of SEPAN winning the pertinent tender. 

Mr. Dimitris Kontaxis, Chairman of the BoD of SEPAN noted: “The Circular Economy is a new win-win economic model of pivotal importance that benefits the environment, the economy, the development and the society at large. The private sector is ready to take action to unlock relevant initiatives that will drive forward an environmental friendly development, save natural resources, create new jobs and strengthen the competitiveness of the Greek economy. Rollerdeck Associates’ exceptional track record and the solid proposal that was submitted to the tender make us feel we are in good hands.

In this context, Rollerdeck Associates Managing Partner, Mr. Ioannis Kofinis noted: “We feel deeply honored by the trust that SEPAN shows to us to design and deliver the strategic communications of SEPAN. We feel deeply honored to work together with so many significant Members of the Federation that are leaders in the industry. Our team is committed to cooperate closely with SEPAN in a joint effort to deliver top-level services, tailored to meet specific client needs. Devoted to working together with the BoD of SEPAN, our aim is to increase and to further build strong and positive reputation for the Federation among key audiences.” 

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