Rollerdeck Associates joins forces with Scenarios4Summits to bring events and crisis trainings to the next level

Rollerdeck Associates proudly announces its new cooperation with Scenarios4Summits an internationally acknowledged leader that designs bespoke high-quality events & crisis trainings. The two companies together aspire to revolutionize corporate events and media crisis trainings in Greece. 

Mr. Mark Stoop, Scenarios4Summits Managing Director stated: “We are delighted to join forces with Rollerdeck Associates in order to reach the Greek market. We are happy to connect Scenarios4Summits with Rollerdeck Associates’ seasoned team and solid network in the Greek market. Together we can create effective story-living training simulations and impactful genuine events.” 

Mr. Ioannis Kofinis, Rollerdeck Associates Managing Partner said: In our attempt to offer our clients innovation and high quality services, we decided to join forces with Scenarios4Summits. We are very pleased to cooperate with a global leader as Scenarios4Summits is. Together we can assure that the Greek companies can have access to and benefit Scenarios4Summits unique ability to empower advocacy efforts and revolutionize media crisis training and corporate events by using the immersive power of videos. We are extremely happy to finalize our strategic partnership with Mark Stoop and his team, as part of our continuous efforts to reshape Public Affairs in Greece.” 

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